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Lisa designs, manages and executes public affairs campaigns in support of important client goals. Using effective strategies and innovative tactics, Lisa assists clients in mobilizing allies, influencing outcomes, and applying public pressure to decision makers at key junctures. Lisa provides the expertise and judgment to help clients articulate their goals to important audiences. 


As Chief Marketing Officer for Preti Strategies and the firm's affiliated law firm, Preti Flaherty, Lisa Meyer is responsible for business development and also advises clients on comprehensive communications strategies and advertising matters. Lisa has extensive experience across media and has had particular responsibility for the growth of the firm's public affairs practice across New England, in Florida and in Washington, DC. 

Prior to joining Preti Flaherty, Lisa was a senior executive at an advertising agency.
(617) 451-8600

A Chief Marketing Officer lending her expertise and judgment to the growth of the business, and to the success of our clients.


We design winning campaigns and build strong coalitions of advocates, from the ground up, harnessing their voices to build credibility and momentum and impact outcomes.



Our team of communications professionals craft comprehensive communications and marketing strategies, integrating traditional media relations with business and political considerations.
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