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As the Communications and Policy Director for the New Hampshire Speaker of the House, Michael has been a leading influence on the legislative agenda in New Hampshire and has extensive knowledge of the government process within the House and Senate. He has written policy documents and advised legislators on a wide range of issues, and has deep insight into how various policies will impact people in districts across the state. 

He also served as the primary liaison between the House of Representatives and the public, media, advocacy organizations, and lobbyists regarding legislation, a position that earned him a reputation as a highly-skilled communicator and relationship builder. From this position he developed good rapport with Republicans and Democrats, making him an effective and well-respected political advisor. 

Michael has also spent eight years as the Political and Field Director for America Votes New Hampshire, building a coalition of nonpartisan organizations and policymakers to pass proactive voting rights legislation. In this role, he has tracked and analyzed key legislation, created talking points and communications plans, led legislative and electoral discussions, built relationships with lawmakers, and represented America Votes at conferences, events and meetings. 

Through his political experience in Concord and in communities across the state, Michael has a deep understanding of the political landscape in New Hampshire. He pays attention to the details that matter to legislators and their constituents, and he uses this insight to help shape meaningful policy for Preti Strategies clients. 

Michael has a political science degree from Emmanuel College, and also completed the American Politics Program at American University. 



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A Concord insider who brings strategic and tactical experience to move policy plans forward.
(603) 410-1564
Former lawmakers from both sides of the aisle bring decades of policy experience and expert legislative strategy to lobby on behalf of clients
at all levels of government.
We design winning campaigns and build strong coalitions of advocates, from the ground up, harnessing their voices to build credibility and momentum and impact outcomes.



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