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Georgia is a writer, public relations manager, creative director and strategist, and combines all these skills and functions into her role as Director of Communications for Preti Strategies. She specializes in developing clear, cohesive, results-driven content and messaging that positions clients to achieve their goals. From problem-solving and crisis management to proactively creating opportunities, she has a track record of success in finding effective, efficient communications solutions.

Georgia’s experience extends from the government sphere to corporate communications and marketing. She has played an integral role in public affairs initiatives for state government agencies including transportation, health and human services, and economic development. She’s savvy in media relations as well as government and community relations and helps garner support for various projects through valuable earned media placements and strong coalition building with community leaders and stakeholders. In the private sector, she has managed marketing and communications campaigns for regional and national clients across a range of industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, agriculture, energy and environment, and consumer packaged goods.

Prior to joining Preti Strategies, Georgia held senior strategic and creative roles for national advertising and PR firms. She grew up in Portland, ME and has a degree in English and Government from St. Lawrence University.


(207) 791-3185

A creative strategist leveraging media, government, and private sector experience to shape narratives and advance client goals.

Former lawmakers from both sides of the aisle bring decades of policy experience and expert legislative strategy to lobby on behalf of clients
at all levels of government.
We design winning campaigns and build strong coalitions of advocates, from the ground up, harnessing their voices to build credibility and momentum and impact outcomes.



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