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He spent the last nine years providing trusted advice to the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Known as one of the most powerful aides in state government, Jim regularly engaged in the highest-level budget and policy negotiations from within the innermost circles. And lucky for us, there’s no policy challenge that seems daunting after years of tackling the toughest. 

Beginning his House career in 1999 in the House Committee on Bills in the Third Reading, he was quickly promoted to Chief of Staff and Press Secretary before joining State Representative Bob DeLeo in the House Committee on Ways and Means.

Recognition from JCRC of Greater Boston, and others, for his work as Chief of Staff and Press Secretary on the committee was unquestionably well-deserved. Jim worked closely with then-Chairman DeLeo to pass four state budgets, multiple bond bills and major pieces of legislation including health care reform and clean energy initiatives. 

In January of 2009, the newly-elected Speaker DeLeo tapped Jim to continue serving as his Chief of Staff and to formally move into the role of Chief Policy Advisor. As the Speaker’s primary advisor, Jim worked closely with all parties including the Senate President and Governor, majority and minority legislative leadership, chairs and cabinet officials. 

Balancing politics, policy, personalities and competing interests, he was responsible for shaping the House legislative agenda, overseeing its execution and strategically advising the Speaker through high-stakes negotiations when the most challenging policy initiatives came down to the wire. 

A decisive leader, he oversaw the Speaker’s office as it executed a highly-visible communications strategy including thematic messaging, public statements, speeches, and responses to media inquiries all designed to best support the Speaker’s policy goals. 

And after years of sitting on one side of table in meetings with regional business groups, trade organizations, lobbyists and advocates, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their positions and determining what to recommend to the Speaker on their behalf, there’s no question he understands how to help our clients succeed.  

Jim attended The Fessenden School and Belmont Hill and is a graduate of Hamilton College and Suffolk University Law School.  He currently resides in Lexington, MA, with his wife and daughters.

The top advisor to the top official in the Massachusetts House, this commanding Policy Advisor’s mindset comes straight from Beacon Hill.
(617) 226-3858
Former lawmakers from both sides of the aisle bring decades of policy experience and expert legislative strategy to lobby on behalf of clients
at all levels of government.
We design winning campaigns and build strong coalitions of advocates, from the ground up, harnessing their voices to build credibility and momentum and impact outcomes.



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