For businesses and organizations, government regulation and legislation can be either a burden or ripe with opportunity. At Preti Strategies, we see regulatory hurdles as opportunities to help your business grow and thrive. Through decades of work on state policy issues, we have the tools and experience to handle the full range of government relations needs. Whether building a creative long-term strategy or defending against hostile interests, Preti Strategies is ready to speak up and take action for you.

Preti Strategies has a proud record of accomplishment at the local level. On a wide range of issues, our team can utilize its public relations skills and our knowledge of city and town politics to assist our clients with their critical objectives. City councils, municipal officials and the various types of boards all offer unique challenges to businesses and organizations at the local level. Preti Strategies has longstanding relationships in dozens of communities and a great expertise in the general dynamics of municipal affairs.

Preti Strategies also assists clients with their needs in Washington. After more than three decades in New England politics, our team has relationships with a large number of sitting members of Congress from the region. We work effectively with these members and their staff both by involving them in state issues and by advocating with them on federal issues. In many cases, the federal government can be an important element in a broader government affairs strategy.

When a comprehensive communications strategy is critical, Preti Strategies develops sophisticated approaches that combine traditional media relations, political considerations, grassroots mobilization and a constant awareness of business implications. Whether in a crisis or as part of normal operations, Preti Strategies approaches public relations strategy with careful attention to the larger spectrum of your needs.

To achieve your goals with the media, it can be a significant advantage to have public support behind your efforts. Community engagement helps bring life to your story when it hits the media. To make this happen, Preti Strategies uses its unique skill set to help you overcome challenges by activating voices from the community to support you. By combining both time-tested and novel tools, we build an individualized strategic public affairs plan to tackle your specific needs.

In addition to our work in government affairs and public relations, Preti Strategies helps you grow your business through strategic consulting on new opportunities throughout New England. Leveraging the relationships and skills that we use for our client advocacy in other areas, we are frequently called upon to assist clients in identifying new opportunities, planning the best approach and initiating a successful implementation.

Our extensive experience in government relations and public affairs has allowed our firm to manage dozens of winning state-wide ballot initiatives throughout New England. Through collaboration with our clients, Preti Strategies develops and implements a strategy to achieve a successful campaign.

Our multifaceted approach combines a wide range of tactics to generate public support for a ballot initiative. By integrating public advocacy campaigns and grassroots/grasstops organizing with targeted media strategies, we design the plan that best fits the client’s needs.

Preti Strategies provides clients with a comprehensive toolbox of services and solutions to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. In some cases, a third party organization is recommended to provide our clients with a vehicle to influence public policy through a new and credible voice.

The Preti Strategies team features a deep bench of seasoned communications professionals offering our clients access to strategic communications and marketing consulting services. Whether serving as an outsourced corporate communications team for our clients or tackling a specific marketing challenge, we work with your organization to craft your messaging, raise brand awareness, and move people to take action.