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We are campaign operatives.


We are .campaign operatives.
Grassroots & Community Relations
As public affairs strategists, our team recognizes that often the most effective way to achieve our aims is by harnessing the influence of those voices that are respected by our target audience. Over our decades of work in public life, we have cultivated valuable connections to the network of businesspeople, staffers, local politicians and activists who have influential roles in policy debates. Identifying a clear goal, we utilize local opinion leaders and carefully developed stakeholder relations to achieve results. 
Ballot Initiatives 
Our team has managed dozens of winning state-wide ballot initiatives throughout New England. Through collaboration with our clients, Preti Strategies develops and implements a multifaceted strategy combining a wide range of tactics to generate public support for a ballot initiative. By integrating public advocacy campaigns and grassroots/grasstops organizing with targeted media strategies, campaign management, field organizing, public opinion research, advertising and media services, we design the plan that best fits the client’s needs.
Coalition Building & Management 
In some cases, a third party organization is recommended to provide our clients with a vehicle to influence public policy through a new and credible voice. With extensive experience creating such coalitions from the ground up, Preti Strategies can offer our clients the ability to effectively engage targeted stakeholder organizations, groups and individuals to create a coalition aimed at shaping and influencing their specific desired public policy outcomes.
Former lawmakers from both sides of the aisle bring decades of policy experience and expert legislative strategy to lobby on behalf of clients
at all levels of government.
Our team of communications professionals craft comprehensive communications and marketing strategies, integrating traditional media relations with business and political considerations.



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