Public & Media Relations 
When a comprehensive communications strategy is critical, Preti Strategies develops sophisticated approaches that combine traditional media relations, political considerations, grassroots mobilization and a constant awareness of business implications. Whether in a crisis or as part of normal operations, Preti Strategies approaches public relations strategy with careful attention to the larger spectrum of your needs.
Strategic Communications 
The Preti Strategies team features a deep bench of seasoned communications professionals offering our clients access to strategic communications consulting services. Whether serving as an outsourced corporate communications team for our clients or tackling a specific messaging challenge, we work with your organization to craft the words perfectly, raise awareness, elevate your mission, and move people to take action.
Traditional & Digital Marketing 
Today’s multimedia environment is complex. Our clients rely on us to develop and execute comprehensive and consistent marketing programs that harness the latest consumer insight research, creative design, and ever-growing list of communications channels to amplify their brand and reach audiences in marketplaces throughout New England. Prior to joining Preti Strategies, several members of our team served in high level marketing and communications roles across industries and we capitalize on this experience to provide this additional service to our clients.

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