Walter Sullivan

Walter Sullivan
(617) 451-8600

Walter Sullivan is a Preti Flaherty attorney who also serves as a key member of Preti Strategies, which specializes in lobbying, business development consulting, and public relations.

Walter’s work with Preti Strategies is a natural fit because of his extensive knowledge of law, government and politics. He has over twenty-one years of experience working in government. His family has been active in politics, government affairs and public affairs in the City of Cambridge, MA, throughout Middlesex county and Massachusetts for three generations. The Sullivan’s are widely known and admired across the political spectrum in the Commonwealth.

Walter supports clients of Preti Strategies by combining his skills as a lawyer with his extensive experience as a regulator for multiple state agencies. His work spans multiple industries, including gaming, alcoholic beverages, hospitality, retail, high tech, education and construction.

Before joining Preti Strategies, Walter served as Chairman of the Massachusetts State Racing Commission, the Commissioner and Chair of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, and as Chairman of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. Walter brings extensive experience conducting adjudicatory and regulatory hearings and working with local governments and communities on behalf of state agencies to Preti Strategies and is instrumental in strengthening and expanding the firm’s various circles of influence.

In addition to his work with Preti Strategies, Walter’s law practice with Preti Flaherty is focused on Legislative, Regulatory and Government Services and on Labor and Employment law. He advocates for clients before the Massachusetts Legislature, the Executive Branch and state agencies, along with local executive branch, legislative branch and agencies, concentrating on gaming laws and alcoholic beverages, along with anit-discrimination laws. He also focuses on labor and employment issues.