State Government Relations

For businesses and organizations, government regulation and legislation can be either a burden or ripe with opportunity. At Preti Strategies, we see regulatory hurdles as opportunities to help your business grow and thrive. Through decades of work on state policy issues, we have the tools and experience to handle the full range of government relations needs. Whether building a creative long-term strategy or defending against hostile interests, Preti Strategies is ready to speak up and take action for you.

Our team works closely with clients to develop the best approach for achieving a desired goal. These strategies frequently include submission of or amendment to legislation, testimony before legislative committees, direct legislative lobbying and collaboration with stakeholders. Preti Strategies also works closely with members of the executive branch on regulatory, legislative and contracting matters.

Along with our team’s deep roots in government affairs, we regularly team up with Preti Flaherty’s extensive team of attorneys and lobbyists who bring diverse experience in New England public affairs. Together, we apply our long history or government relations work combined with cutting-edge legal skills, making us the “go-to” group for helping your business intersect the public sector.