As the chief legal advisor to the governing body responsible for regulating the Commonwealth’s investor-owned electric power, natural gas and water companies, Kevin handled complex rate design and base rate cases and helped to write the playbook for future regional energy solutions.

Now, serving in dual roles as Policy Advisor with Preti Strategies and as Counsel in the Energy Practice Group of our affiliated law firm, Kevin skillfully serves clients whose needs lie at the convergence of public policy and energy law.

Under his management, the DPU’s legal division, which is also responsible for the safety of Massachusetts bus, moving, and transportation network companies, and for overseeing the safety of natural gas pipelines, issued over 2,000 orders. Parlaying his legal background into practical policy applications, he was part of the team that created regulatory oversight of the Transportation Network Company industry.

He was also involved in the Administration’s initiatives to encourage grid modernization for the electric industry, including solar, battery storage and electric vehicle deployment. Throughout his entire career, he has never lost sight of the need to ensure energy efficient and renewable energy deployment to meet the Commonwealth’s clean energy and climate goals.


​And a strong legal foundation is at the core of everything he does. No stranger to the lawyer-lobbyist world, Kevin was Partner at a large regional law firm prior to his time at the DPU. Based in Boston, he specialized in energy and public utility law, representing clients before administrative agencies on issues concerning rates, forecast and supply planning, corporate financing, energy procurement, energy efficiency, facility siting, and other regulatory matters.


In 2006, he served as the Manager of Regulatory Relations for New England Gas Company, a local distribution gas company serving over 350,000 customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. And, following the merger of the two companies, he was the Manager of Regulatory Relations for National Grid’s U.S. Transmission Division. He has also worked for the Commonwealth as a Hearing Officer for the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy (now the DPU) and as the Deputy Counsel for the House Committee on Taxation.


Kevin is a graduate of Saint John’s Preparatory High School, the College of the Holy Cross and New England School of Law. He and his wife reside in Foxborough, MA, with their three children.

Fresh from his role as General Counsel to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU), this seasoned energy veteran and Policy Advisor, is a regulatory and legal double threat.
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