Grassroots & Community Relations

To achieve your goals with the media, it can be a significant advantage to have public support behind your efforts. Community engagement helps bring life to your story when it hits the media. To make this happen, Preti Strategies uses its unique skill set to help you overcome challenges by activating voices from the community to support you. By combining both time-tested and novel tools, we build an individualized strategic public affairs plan to tackle your specific needs. Identifying a clear goal, we utilize local opinion leaders and carefully developed stakeholder relations to achieve results. When you’re facing local-level challenges, Preti Strategies works through them quickly and efficiently.

Preti Strategies’ extensive and diverse experience has created an unmatched wealth of contacts through Massachusetts. Our work has helped us to build bridges with strong voices and opinion leaders across industries and in both the public and private sector. Our knowledge of the complex web of relationships that surround political decision-makers allows us to craft effective strategies to promote our clients’ messages and policy goals.

As public affairs strategists, our team recognizes that often the most effective way to achieve our aims is by harnessing the influence of those voices that are respected by our target audience. Over our decades of work in Massachusetts public life, we have cultivated valuable connections to the network of businesspeople, staffers, local politicians and activists who have influential roles in policy debates.