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Dan joins our team following a five-year stint at the New England Power Generators Association (NEPGA). As Director of Government Affairs, Dan developed nuanced and effective legislative strategies on extremely complicated issues for an organization that represents key players in the region’s wholesale electricity markets.

Now Dan brings that experience to serve clients complex public policy and legislative issues. His regional knowledge helps bring a multijurisdictional perspective to clients.
Among his successes at NEPGA, Dan designed and implemented a multi-stakeholder strategy to promote carbon pricing legislation as one approach to help the New England states achieve their climate mandates. Dan also helped advance legislation in New Hampshire to address disparities in how municipalities assess generator assets for local tax purposes.

Prior to joining NEPGA, Dan spent six years at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU), rising through the ranks from Division Counsel to Chief of Staff to Chief Operating Officer. At the DPU, Dan led the Division of Regional and Federal Affairs, tasked with analyzing regional energy issues and advising the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on policies and actions that aligned with the state’s energy priorities. 

Dan was also Senior Counsel at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT), where his focus was on rail and transit development, highway construction, and professional services matters. At the DOT, Dan defended the Massachusetts Highway Department against contractor claims for extra payment.

A former leader at the DPU, this policy advisor brings savvy and experience from both government and industry to the team.
(617) 226-3800
Former lawmakers from both sides of the aisle bring decades of policy experience and expert legislative strategy to lobby on behalf of clients
at all levels of government.
We design winning campaigns and build strong coalitions of advocates, from the ground up, harnessing their voices to build credibility and momentum and impact outcomes.



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