Coalition Building & Management

Preti Strategies provides clients with a comprehensive toolbox of services and solutions to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. In some cases, a third party organization is recommended to provide our clients with a vehicle to influence public policy through a new and credible voice. With extensive experience creating such coalitions from the ground up, Preti Strategies can offer our clients the ability to effectively engage targeted stakeholder organizations, groups and individuals to create a coalition aimed at shaping and influencing their specific desired public policy outcomes.

We understand the operational side of building a coalition and assist our clients in determining the most effective coalition structure. Utilizing our extensive network, we identify strategic connections and then recruit, coordinate, and mobilize third party relationships to form alliances that represent the bedrock of the coalition. To ensure the coalition then works effectively towards the desired outcome, amplifying messages and maximizing effectiveness, Preti Strategies provides ongoing coalition management in the form of the following services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Partnership development
  • Coalition relations and support
  • Program development
  • Organizational management
  • Public opinion research
  • Message development
  • Direct marketing - TV, radio, web & social media
  • Data, reporting and white paper development
  • Public relations and media outreach
  • Conference and event planning and execution