Business Development

In addition to our work in government affairs and public relations, Preti Strategies helps you grow your business through strategic consulting on new opportunities throughout New England. Leveraging the relationships and skills that we use for our client advocacy in other areas, we are frequently called upon to assist clients in identifying new opportunities, planning the best approach and initiating a successful implementation.

With our deep engagement in New England state governments, Preti Strategies is uniquely positioned to identify opportunities that may be arising in state contracting or in purchasing by public sector entities. Contracts with these well-funded agencies and institutions represent an enormous business opportunity for companies in almost any sector. Our knowledge of how these governments work allows us to anticipate forthcoming initiatives and position you for success.

Our team has developed relationships over years of working in the realms of politics and business. These connections are of great value to any company looking to expand in New England. Preti Strategies serves as your advisor, consulting with you to develop your business development plans in Massachusetts and throughout the region. We tailor our involvement to your needs, often orchestrating introductions and joining critical pitches.

Preti Strategies can be a critical asset to your business development team in New England.